Before the trip

My first update will be about my preparation before my travel.

As I will be living the whole semester on the campus in a rented apartment, I would have to either bring my own bed-sheets and towels, or buy them at destination. I decided to check with my family (which has a habit of saving stuff) to see if there were any old sheets that I could bring with me and throw after the exchange to make room in my luggage for other stuff. Luckily my mother found both sheets and towels for me, which will sure come in handy.

For the check-in luggage I used a big luggage bag and for the carry-on luggage I had to decide between a larger backpack or a heavy bag. I traded a little space for more weight and the convenience of carrying some of the stuff on my back. It later turned out to be a good choice.

ImageI decided to ditch the 3kg (6.6lbs) bag to the right for the 1kg (2.2lbs) backpack to the left.


I also bought a laptop computer from a store on the internet in the USA, which brings me to my first DIY project on this site. I took the measures of my future laptop from the manufacturers site and sew my own laptop sleeve.

I used the instructions in this link as a base for my sleeve. However you could also find more instructions from this link. I was really surprised about how good the sleeve ended up to be.

ImageI also printed out some special symbols on my label-printer for the US keyboard.


  • Bring with you stuff you can throw away in the end of your exchange that you would have to buy otherwise (sheets, towels, etc.)
  • Take a larger backpack instead of a bag as carry-on when you’ve got big checked luggage

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