The Trip

My trip to USA started very early in the morning.

My plan was as following:

  1. Turku – Helsinki by bus
  2. Helsinki – Berlin by plane
  3. Berlin – Chicago by plane
  4. Chicago  – Omaha by plane

I haven’t bought a flight back since I’ll be traveling around the US during my grace period and will probably leave from another airport than Omaha. Otherwise I would recommend taking a flexible round-trip ticket for almost the same price as one-way ticket.

When arriving at Chicago airport you first walk from your plane to the booths were you will have to answer some questions before entering the country. This is a very critical part if you have an transfer flight. You could end up standing in line for hours if you are one of the last to leave the plane. What I would recommend is to have everything ready before leaving the plane and in some cases even checking out the map of the airport before you arrive, to make things smoother.

I found this very useful link with information about entering the US. For instance what you need, what to expect when you arrive and waiting times for entering the border:

The entertainment system on the back of the seat held me entertained for the whole trip.
The entertainment system on the back of the seat held me entertained for the whole trip


  • Make sure you are ready to leave (bags packed, shoes on) when you are allowed to leave the plane
  • Walk straight for the check in
  • Leave enough room for your transfer flight if you have one
  • Plan ahead if you are going to leave from the same airport or if you will leave from somewhere else.
  • Pack stuff you could need in your carry-on bag if your bag was to get lost at the airport

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