The dry campus

All University of Nebraska campuses are so called dry campuses, which means there is no alcohol allowed on the premises. I practice this means that you go to private parties like house parties, fraternity parties or bars and clubs to get drunk. All the activities organized by the University are alcohol-free, which is interesting since you basically feel like you are 14 again; playing games for children that people on Europe only would play if they’ve had a couple of beers.

Enforcing this rule there is the campus security, which patrols around the campus, pulling over cars that look suspicious and other stuff. If you get caught you’ll have to enroll in a class which costs you $100. The second time you get caught you’ll pay $200 for the advanced course. The third time you’ll get kicked of the campus. I have a feeling you wont be able to get credit-points for attending those classes either, so I think I’ll concentrate my drinking outside of the campus.


One of the free events organized from the school

Heard today at the alcohol-free welcoming event:
“This sucks, I really need a beer”
“Dude, for this shit we need vodka!”


  • Figure out in advance if you want to live on a dry campus or not before you choose your exchange destination
  • If you live on a dry campus, try to see it as a part of the experience and a part of the local culture
  • Get drunk when you get the chance outside of the campus
  • Don’t get caught by campus security

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