The incident with campus security

So I talked I my last post about how UNO is a dry campus and that there is campus security patrolling around. Well, we got a really good example of how things can go down here the other day.

A group of guys, who may or may not have been exchange students, had been drinking in their apartments on campus. After this they had left for some more beers at a bar. When returning from the bar, quite hammered, they decided to have a smoke on the curb. Campus security drove by, patrolling as usual.

So this is where it gets interesting.

Suddenly, three cars (two campus security cars and one police car) drive up to the group, basically surrounding them with their cars. Out of the cars steps 4 security guys and 2 cops who accuses them of smoking weed. They all get searched with their hands against the car, like you would see in american TV-shows. After this the authorities go to their apartment and search every inch for drug any possible drugs. Luckily the guys were smart enough to get rid of the alcohol before leaving.

As they didn’t have anything they were let go. However, the experience really shocked them up.

They really take this whole thing quite seriously. I got told by one of the Global Diplomats, who are basically tutors, that they pull over almost everyone who’s driving at night on the campus. I basically feel like 16 again, trying to sneak back home without getting caught. It’s going to be an interesting semester.


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