The Free Stuff

After a hectic first week, with a lot of new stuff happening, I finally have some time to update the blog.

During every day on the first week of the semester, we’ve attended events that give free food and free stuff. I guess you can’t say it’s completely free, as the tuition fees here are up to 5 figures high. However, since I’m part of an exchange program, I don’t pay any tuition, so it’s all free to me.

First about the food: I’ve never eaten so much pizza in my life, as the first week here. Almost 50% of the events included free pizza, the rest of them included some other fast-food related dish like “sloppy Joe” (with a hamburger bun), Teriyaki chicken (with a hamburger bun) and taco-meat, served in a small bag of taco chips. Every meal of course served with a small bag of chips and some Pepsi-sponsored soft drink. I’m lucky they have one of the most advanced physical centers I’ve seen (more on that in another post).

2013-08-26 11.25.14Sloppy Joe with chips. Who’s hungry?

Over to the free stuff. Most of it was sponsored giveaways from different companies (e.g. banks, restaurants, stores) and student organisations (e.g. religious or sport). Even the army and air force had a stand at some of the events, trying to recruit people to take their classes on UNO.

I took pictures everyday I got some free stuff, so that you could get a picture about the magnitude:

2013-08-23 10.50.44The stuff I got from the housing check-in. T-shirts, water bottles etc.

2013-08-25 16.19.45The stuff I got from the university’s convocation. The portfolio was really nice.

2013-08-28 21.54.532013-08-29 15.52.55Free stuff from other events. Even more t-shirts, even more drinking bottles, small office supplies and pens.

In total I’ve got 7 t-shirts. I’m starting to wonder why I even brought anything with me in the first place.


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