The Football Game

I’ve been quite busy lately, so I haven’t taken the time to update the blog in a while. However, I recently happened to get a ticket to one of the games here in Nebraska. So I thought I might share a little about what game day in Lincoln means here.

2013-09-21 14.02.34

The Team

The local team is called “the Nebraskan Cornhuskers” (or Huskers for short) and is part of the Lincoln campus of University of Nebraska. They are the biggest thing Nebraska has in terms of sport teams, so they are a big deal here. And you can really tell that people here are crazy about the team. In almost all stores, you can find some type of Huskers merchandise. Almost anywhere in Nebraska, if you yell “Go Big Red”, someone will answer you with a “Go Big Red!”.

The Stadium

There is a joke here in Nebraska that the Memorial Stadium in Lincoln becomes the third biggest city in the state during game day. And it’s no wonder, since there is over 90,000 people attending the games. You are literally standing in a sea of red because everyone is wearing the color. Every single game since 1962 has been sold out, which adds up to an incredible streak of more than 325 games and counting.

The only way to get a ticket is to buy one from someone who has the seasonal tickets. The people who has the seasonal tickets has to pay every year for the seasonal tickets to keep their place. The lady who we bought our tickets from had held her spot for over 30 years.

2013-09-21 14.24.12The stadium is huge.

The Tailgating Party

Since the stadium is part of the campus and the campus is a dry one, there is no drinking at the stadium (that’s a lot of lost money there). However, any game you would go to, dry or wet, you always pre-game before you go (= förfest/etkot). The way people to this is is by renting parking lots where they put up tents and grills. Even though it’s basically public space, you can still drink there.

There is also a native american reservoir close to Lincoln where many minors go to pre-game, since the drinking limit there is 18 years old (the reservoirs are not part of the US, they have their own laws (that’s why they have the casinos)).

2013-09-21 13.17.41

2013-09-21 12.25.24Some pictures from the tailgating party.

The Game

I won’t go so much into the details of the game. There’s a video at the end of the article with highlights from the game. Something more interesting was the audience. As usual strangers talked with each other the whole time. Many of the drunk ones also made many derogatory comments about other peoples appearance, like how they dressed or about what they said. However, most of the time the atmosphere was really good and I really enjoyed the game.



  • Get to know some locals to get your tickets
  • If you are in Lincoln, Nebraska on game day, wear red
  • Anticipate the weather, if it’s sunny outside, bring some sunscreen and a hat

On a side note: I just bought my plane tickets to Dallas, Texas. Me and one of the Germans are going there to experience the more southern culture of the US 😀


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