The Gunstore

So my roommates friend from the Marines came to visit them for the weekend. During his visit here in Omaha, one of the things he wanted to do was to buy a gun. In Nebraska, any US citizen over 18 without a criminal record can buy a gun. Which is funny, because if you’re over 18 and under 21 you can get sent overseas to kill people, buy a gun back home, but not have a beer with your pizza.

So I happened to meet my roommate and his friend when I walking home and jumped on the opportunity when they gave me a chance to join them. We went to  a local gun shop to look at AR-15 rifles. While he didn’t find one he was looking for, we met a Vietnam war veteran who started telling us some stories about his service there as a artillery man. Apparently he had done all kinds of cool stuff. For instance hit a sniper, up in a tree, spotted from an airplane, about 7 miles (≈ 11.2 km) away from his position. And stuff like that.

In any case the gun store was interesting, they had all the normal ones you would expect, and some more. Ammunition were stocked in the shelves like in a grocery store. Speaking of grocery stores; you don’t actually have go to a gun store to buy a gun, since you can just go to you local Walmart to buy a gun.

2013-10-11 14.13.36The roommates friend looking at a new gun.

2013-10-11 14.06.39Ammunition was stockpiled like it was a normal grocery store.

2013-10-11 14.14.51Of course I had to take a picture with a gun also.


The Worlds of Fun

So during the weekend my parents were visiting Omaha, they had a day of their own to explore the city, which they did by visiting the supposedly best zoo in the US, which was the same I visited the first week I spend here. During this day I went to the amusement park “Worlds of Fun” in Kansas City with my buddy the university had assigned for me, her boyfriend and her friends.

1393704_10151993428906579_2069791437_nThe whole group. Love how the sun makes my face fade away so nicely.

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The Parents

My parents were curious about going to the US and when they got to know that I was going to study there for one semester, they started planning for a trip here.  Just last week, they visited me here in Omaha and I introduced them to life here before they would move on to Florida. There they would go on to watch a NHL match in Tampa and see the beaches of Miami.

I met them at their hotel the day after they had arrived here and we started by going to Boys town. Sadly, most of the pictures taken are on my parents camera, so I’ll just show the ones I took.

Old picture of Boys Town (much bigger now).

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The Nebraska Sex Offender Registry

So apparently according to the “Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act of 1990, 20 U.S.C. Sec 1092”, the University of Nebraska at Omaha has to provide information relating to crime statistics and policies concerning campus security to current students, faculty and staff. I got a mail stating that the most current Annual Report is now available online on the website. If anyone’s interested they can check it out here. The relevant info is in a table at the bottom at the page.

The thing that caught my eye, however, was a link to the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry. In the US, if you are charged with a sex offence, you have to report where you live, especially when you move to a new county or state. Apparently this data is not only to the local police, but civilians can access this too. The information can be found online and I could easily just type in what city I was living in, and then browse where different sex offenders lived in the region. Not only could you see where they lived, but also their names, personal information and even what vehicles they owned. All this of course along with the crime they were convicted for.

Now what I’m wondering is, is this an effective way to stop the sex offenders from committing sexual assaults in the future? Is this something that should be implemented in countries like Finland (I don’t know, maybe we already have something similar) in an effort to hinder them from doing this in the future? It would be interesting to get some views on this in the comments.

SORI could easily just browse the map for where every convicted sex offender in Omaha lived.