The Worlds of Fun

So during the weekend my parents were visiting Omaha, they had a day of their own to explore the city, which they did by visiting the supposedly best zoo in the US, which was the same I visited the first week I spend here. During this day I went to the amusement park “Worlds of Fun” in Kansas City with my buddy the university had assigned for me, her boyfriend and her friends.

1393704_10151993428906579_2069791437_nThe whole group. Love how the sun makes my face fade away so nicely.

The Park

The admission is what you could expect from a amusement park, expensive. I paid online and got it for only  $40. Normally you would have to had paid $50 for entrance. The park was divided up in different areas with the names of different geographical areas. For instance here’s a video of the Finnish Fling in the Scandinavia part of the park.

A funny thing is that they had many fast food restaurants in the park, like Subway or Panda Express inside the park, but they were twice as expensive as outside the park.

The rides

As you can probably imagine, the rides in the park where huge. I was however surprised to see that we actually have some of the same rides back home in Finland. Even some of the bigger roller coasters. For instance a ride called “The patriot” was basically the same as “Tornado” in Särkänniemi. I was actually amazed to get to know that the park “Powerpark” (1.3 sq. km)  in Finland actually is bigger than “Worlds of Fun” (0.95 sq. km). I do however believe that there are much bigger parks in this country than the one in Kansas City.

2013-10-05 12.59.56Okay, this one I don’t believe we have in Finland. Which is sad, since it was awesome.

Haunted Houses

After 8 pm in the park, everything changed. In total around 150 (my estimate) actors walked around the park or haunted houses scaring people We had the time to visit 3 of them (there was a total of maybe 10), which was good considering there were lined for over 3 hours to some of the houses. So yeah.

First, after realizing there would still be 2 hours of standing in the line, we went to a haunted cornfield. In the narrow pathways you would find people in gillie suits scaring you behind the corner, crazy farmers walking around, and even a chainsaw murderer. There was always a small amount of surprise since you didn’t know which of the many scarecrows or “statues” were real actors and which were just some dolls.

The second one we went to was a messed up asylum, containing dead bodies wrapped wrapped in plastic hanging from the ceiling, crazy patients walking around and twisted experiments on display. One notable cool scare was just around the first corner, where you would walk beside some cages and suddenly the lights would go out. A second later, when the lights came back on, there was a guy in a gas mask, with a fake machete (I hope) standing in front of you.

The last one was a crazy slaughter house where they would also have people getting slaughtered and getting eaten alive by hogs. They had a great illusion with a girl getting sawed in two by a circular saw.

They had really gone the extra mile when designing the houses. They had a lot of variation and were really well done. I would definitely recommend going to a haunted house with live actors if you have the chance.

After all the rides we just went to our hotel room and started sleeping. No one had the energy to do something else.

2013-10-06 00.18.57The CCTV screens in a mental hospital

2013-10-05 22.58.21The haunted cornfield

2013-10-05 23.07.13One of the actors in a ghillie suit. Can’t really see him because of the darkness, but he was well hidden.

2013-10-05 20.12.01We stayed at a “stereotypical” American motel


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