CS Experience – part 3: Reunion in NYC

This post is part of a mini-series from my Thanksgiving trip.

Cutting Hair in Queens

The first thing I did in the morning was to go cut my hair, since it was already quite long and I knew it would be more expensive in Manhattan, than Queens, where I had stayed for the night. The barbershop was quite interesting, with a Russian hairdresser and a couple of old guys sitting some chairs keeping him company, quite like you would see in the movies.

2013-11-26 11.56.25The barber and him posse sitting behind him. Don’t worry, I asked if I could take the picture.

Sightseeing in Manhattan

Since my hosts from Queens only could host me for one night I was now out on my own again. I had gotten in contact with a Russian-born girl on Couchsurfing who was interested in showing me around Manhattan. While waiting for her I had a chance to observe the never ending stream of people walking on the streets. It was crazy to imagine how many people were in that city, I’ve never seen anything like it before. After we met with her she took me to  one of the punk district in town (can’t remember the name) and to Chinatown to have some cheap dumplings. To this day I have yet no clue as to what was in those dumplings, but they were decent. We continued our trip by visiting the Brooklyn bridge, Hudson river and Wall street. It wasn’t the best day for sightseeing, as it rained, but I got to see some of the more important sites in the city.

2013-11-26 15.47.41Hoping I won’t get sick by eating these dumplings, the cook was eating the food at the same time she was cooking it. Nice.

Reunion with an Old Surfer

My host for the night came to be the same guy that I had hosted in Vaasa, Finland about three years earlier. He lived in Brooklyn with his friends in Greenpoint, which is close to Williamsburg, where all the “hipsters” would live. The roommates rather called themselves yuppies and they either worked with music for labeling companies, photography or as my friend, by importing and selling scented candles.

We hung out that evening by going to eat some pizza at a local, more high end pizzeria. It was nice to hear more about what they did and how they saw life. Their philosophy included making money and at the same time live as environmentally friendly as possible. My surfer for instance was a vegan, bought organic stuff and one of the things he tried to figure out during the evening was where he could buy earphones that would entirely be done in the USA.

2013-11-26 23.00.10Planning the next music video for their customer, over a glass of organic red wine. 

The photography guy later showed me a music video that he made for one artist. It’s interesting to look at a video with people that you know. My surfer is the first cowboy shown and the guy who’s parents bought him the apartment is the second cowboy. It was nice to watch over a bag of seaweed chips, haha.

Watch the video here: http://vimeo.com/62668364

I’ll leave you with this nice view of the skyline of Manhattan:

2013-11-26 21.24.42


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