CS Experience – part 4: Backstage on Broadway

This post is part of a mini-series from my Thanksgiving trip.

I woke up in Brooklyn and hung out with the guys in until noon. I listened to their brainstorming on a upcoming music video they were about to make. After going to the local, overpriced, organic market to get something to eat, I said good bye to my old friend, I continued to my next host.

The Host in Manhattan

My third host during my adventure in New York was a Norwegian guy who worked for the Norwegian state bank in NYC. You could really tell that he hosted a lot of people. He had an extra room just for guests and a extra computer (!) so that his surfers could use a computer also. He, as many other couchsurfing hosts on Manhattan had house rules. This guy had a long list of things on his profile about what he accepted and did not. It was quite understandable however, since he had hosted over 200 people in his apartment close to Times Square. We went to Hell’s Kitchen to grab something to eat and talk which was a good way to get to know the person where you would be staying for the night.

2013-11-27 19.21.29The view from the 22th floor from the hosts apartment. The building in the distance is the “Freedom Tower”.

Backstage on Broadway

After returning to the apartment I got a message from an interesting person that I’d been in contact with, a Broadway actor that had offered me to show the backstage of the same show that I had seen in Omaha about a month earlier, “the Book of Mormon“. The actor was what they call a swing, a stand-in if you will, for all the black male actors in the show. He would jump in if someone would get sick or get hurt during the show, so he basically has to know all the roles, instead of just one. I got to see the stage the moment after the show ended for the night. I even got to meet the stage coordinator, who actually had studied at UNO, where I did. The first thing I noticed is that 

2013-11-27 21.14.21The main entrance to the show.

2013-11-27 21.30.17The Broadway actor showing some of the props from the show.

The Mormons

He told me about the show and how the Mormons had reacted to it. He said that if they had made a satire about any other religion, they would probably have people picketing every show. Instead he thought that they took it in a great way, since the show actually describes their beliefs the way that they believe it. The Mormons, instead of being pissed off, actually capitalize on the show. They do this by referring to the show when they talk to people, standing outside after the show to actually market themselves and even bought an ad inside the program pamphlet where they stated “you’ve seen the play, the book is better”. So even if I don’t agree on their beliefs, I’ve got to hand it to them that they played this very smart.


After checking out the theater we went to a local bar in Hell’s Kitchen (again) called Rudy’s. A pitcher (1,8 L)was $10 and you got as many free hot dogs as you wanted from the bar. Since the bar was located wall-to-wall with apartment buildings, the bouncer came to say after 10 pm that all customers had to be quiet. After a while all the customers outside where called inside. While drinking we got invited by some Brazilians to continue the party with them, which became the plan for the rest of the evening.


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